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If you are new to herbal healing methods, or would love to learn more, this website is full of resources to help you get started safely & effectively.

Explore & Browse by clicking on the topics to the left!

It is so inspiring to learn about the possibilities of medicinal plants.

While most medicinal plants are very safe, there are always risk factors to think about before choosing the appropriate remedy. If you have any health concerns be sure to check out the Herbal Safety info!

I encourage anyone interested in natural healing methods to grow and care for their own herbal plants, even if it is just one. Many health generating herbs for culinary or medicinal use can be easily grown at home with minimal effort. Cultivate good health by using and growing healthy, vibrant plants that feed the cells and nourish the body!

Not sure how herbs work? Read more about botanical medicine follow the link to the Herbal Basics page!

Browse the Plant Profiles section to learn more about easy to grow herbs that you can bring into your life!

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