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Rebecca Diane

-Long Time Gardener-Seed Planter-

-Nature Seeker-Earth Keeper-

-Herbal Guide-

I hope it will be a tremendous resource for anyone interested in generating health and wellbeing through the world of medicinal plants!

Throughout my own journey toward health, I have grown to understand that healing is a process…and ongoing unfolding that is unique to every individual.

If you are struggling to find wellness and are curious if Herbs might be able to help, schedule a one-on-one Herbal Matchmaking Session with me! 

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Mission & Purpose

-Herbal Sovereignty, Self Sufficiency & Sustainability for All-

-Cultivate & Share Healing Plants-

-Restore Health & Vitality-

-Replenish the Earth-

-Inspire to Grow & Heal-

A little more about me....

I grew up in the high desert of Arizona, very close to the land and in deep relationship to the plants around me. Symptoms of illness began to creep into my life as a teenager and got worse and worse as I grew older. I became desperate for healing and sent myself on an intense journey seeking healing through natural healing and spiritual awakening.

Despite my extreme efforts, many of these natural “cures” did not help me and often, actually made things worse. It took me many years to change my perspective and begin to focus more on the deep nourishment of my body. Rather than try to “fix, cure, cleanse, & abstain” as many health fads recommend, I learned to listen to my own body and soul.


I discovered a kinder approach that valued my body’s individual needs rather than what I read in books or the “experts” around me insisted was the only way to health.

Nourishing my body and my soul through working with plants in many forms, has given me a foundation for health that was not easy to find. I hope to share these experiences with others, to help people learn to listen to their own body’s needs and find connections with plants that can bring great healing.

I offer Herbal Matchmaking Services, Holistic Consultations, and Customized Herbal Tea Formulas to share the knowledge I have gained from over 15 years of studying the medicinal benefits of plants. I specialize in Digestive Wellness, Healing the Gut, and Balancing the Microbiome, which I believe to be the key to reducing many chronic symptoms and inflammatory issues.

I am dedicated to sustaining the art of herbalism through teaching others to grow their own medicinal plants and reducing the pressures put on our wild plant populations.

I offer classes to encourage people to grow medicinal herbs at home and to pass along knowledge and skills that help people find accessibility to herbal medicine wherever they may live.

Having a background in sustainability and organic agriculture with a degree in Sustainable Food Systems, it is important to me that botanical remedies are effective, safe, affordable, and available to all.

I hope to inspire more herb farmers and growers, protect endemic plant species, and teach about the deep connections that are possible when growing and using medicinal herbs.

Living in the desert of Arizona, our hot and dry climate presents many challenges to growing and farming. Many of the methods I have found to be most effective, are highly sustainable growing practices that can be utilized in other climates to reduce water usage and increase soil health.

I offer medicinal herb seedlings to the communities around me, and I hope to grow the educational materials available on this website to support growers everywhere.

I believe a tremendous amount of healing through plants comes from our relationships with them. Getting to know the plants personally, deepens our respect for the natural world and can fill our lives with healing benefits.

Won’t you join me on this healing journey through the world of plants?


Rebecca Diane

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