Disclaimer... All information provided is for educational purposes only. No information should be mistaken as a diagnosis, prescription, or treatments for specific health disorders or diseases. Potential Actions are considering the complex possibilities of a plant and do not always develop into predictable results. Persons with any kind of health condition, including pregnancy should consult with a qualified health care provider before trying any herbal or botanical therapy.


Medicago sativa

Common Uses

Nutritive Infusion


Tinctures (not likely to provide the full spectrum of vitamins & minerals)

Smoothie Powders &

Green Drink Mixes

Eating (leaves or sprouts)

Increases Absorption of Nutrients

Blood Building Nutritive

Nourishes & Protects the Liver

Promotes Detoxification

Strengthens Capillary Systems

Soothing, Induces Rest

Resolves Deficiencies


Potential Actions


Use caution for those with lupus related conditions

Usually Contains


Trace Minerals

Digestive Enzymes

Amino Acids




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