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Herbal Immunity from the Garden

Grow Your Own Medicine Garden



Learn about growing medicinal herbs at home for vibrant immunity-

Learn about a few different ways that medicinal herbs integrate with our immune system functioning-

Learn about 8 garden plants that are great for herbal immune support-


Learn about Growing Herbs to keep you healthy!

Learn about people-plant relationships & herbal sustainability-

Learn about making friends with the weeds in your garden & how they can benefit your health and the health of your garden-

Learn about different soil types that many herbs will need to thrive-

Learn specifics about 5 different medicinal plants that anyone can grow-

Learn about organic, sustainable, & regenerative gardening practices that provide the healthiest abundance you can imagine-

Learn about the nutrient cycles of, living, abundant soil & how to keep your microbes happy-

Learn about watering techniques that will save water & encourage deeper roots-

Learn about Plant Communities and how they help each other- 

Learn how untamed spaces can benefit pollinators & attract helpful insects- 

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Why grow medicinal plants???

  • Freshness & Flavor: Many herbs are most vital and potent when used or eaten immediately. Surely, this is the great luxury of being able to grow your own. Dried Rosemary is great, but it is nothing like the sensation of sprinkling fresh, aromatic Rosemary on your food, straight from the garden. Many of the phyto-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other beneficial components we get from herbal plants), start to fade soon after harvest. By cutting only what you need or carefully preserving them for future use, the vital components of therapeutic plant properties are retained.

  • Saves Money: Many herbs will provide multiple harvests and once established, are easily cared for. Yes, it takes time and energy to water, harvest, & weed, but it will save money over time. A packet of seeds costs about the same as one or two bunches of parsley or cilantro, and one packet of seeds could literally last forever with attentive seed saving. Harvesting only what you need for a recipe, or preserving for later use, reduces wasted leftovers, and reduces wasted money.

  • Health: Having herbs readily available, will increase the possibilities of using them in a variety of ways and increase the varied health benefits that these nutritious plants provide. Even common herbs, such as basil, sage and and rosemary, provide potent medicinal benefits when used in certain ways. Using everyday herbs regularly in the diet can boost immunity, normalize digestion and generate over all wellness.

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