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Weekly Classes

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  • Join ​me every Friday!

  • Virtual Classes Hosted on Zoom

  • Topics include Immunity & Herbs, Intro to Herbs, Growing Medicinal Herbs, Holistic Gardening, Holistic Healing, Digestive Health Matters, Herbal Preparation, Harvesting & Preservation


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Classes Begin October 2020!

  • Having trouble growing Lavender? Maybe I can help...

    17 US dollars
  • Let's talk about how to bring medicinal herbs into your life!

    27 US dollars
  • Grow a vibrant medicinal herb garden right at home! Class Postponed!!!

    27 US dollars
  • Learn about Organic, Sustainable, & Regenerative Gardening practices-

    27 US dollars
  • COMING SOON! Your health is in YOUR hands!

    27 US dollars
  • A weekly class that will focus on a variety of wellness topics


    1 hr

    11 US dollars

Special Topic Classes & Workshops-$30

  • Herbal Preparations

  • Harvest & Preservation

  • Digestive Health Matters

  • Garden Herbs for Immunity

  • The Herbal Tea Garden

  • Remedies for the Garden

Coming Soon!

Medicinal Herb Gardening 101-$17

Learn about Growing Herbs to keep you healthy!

Learn about people-plant relationships & herbal sustainability-

Learn about making friends with the weeds in your garden & how they can benefit your health and the health of your garden-

Learn about different soil types that many herbs will need to thrive-

Learn specifics about 5 different medicinal plants that anyone can grow-

Holistic Gardening-$97

Learn about organic, sustainable, & regenerative gardening practices that provide the healthiest abundance you can imagine-

Learn about nutritious, living, abundant soil & how to keep your microbes happy-

Learn about watering techniques that will save water & encourage deeper roots-

Learn about Plant Communities and how they help each other- 

Learn how untamed spaces can benefit pollinators & attract helpful insects- 

Intro to Herbs for Health-$17

Learn  how to bring herbs into your daily life through foods, remedies, drinks-

Learn about the different ways plants effect the human body-


Learn why herbs are not one-size-fits all & why more is not always better-

Learn about when herbal remedies are not safe for some people-

Learn why herbs can't do everything, and how lifestyle changes can help-

Learn about different kinds of extracts, capsules, herbal tea & other preparations-

Holistic Health Beginnings $17

Learn about how small shifts can make big differences-

Learn how the Holistic Health Industry can be sneaky and sometimes harmful-

Learn how health relies on many factors and there is no "magic pill" when it comes to herbs, supplements, & holistic therapies-

Learn about a healing foundation that is possible to achieve-

Learn more about Conscious Relaxation, Optimal Nutrition, Biome Balance, Preventative Healing & Plant Medicine-