Herbal Matchmaking Sessions

Your Health is in Your Hands

Find out what KIND of herbs are right for you!

Decide what steps to take toward your Healing Journey!

Herbal Matchmaking 



A look inside your healing path…

 A personal health goals worksheet (My Healing Path PDF)

Energetic assessment & bio-energetic evaluation (Energetic Assessment Online Quiz)

2-30 minute virtual consultations with me! (Via Zoom)

Personalized Herbal Recommendations (3-5 specific herbal suggestions based on your health goals & bio-energetic profile)

Specific Cautionary Herbs (Any contraindicated herbs to stay away from)

Other Lifestyle Suggestions (A holistic path to health includes many aspects of life)

 A personal health goals worksheet (My Healing Path PDF)

How to Make Herbal Tea (Printable PDF)

BONUS-For $20 more I will blend you a customized herbal tea formula based on your matchmaking results!

Are You Hoping to Take Better Care of Yourself?

We will identify solutions together! Make Health Goals! Learn about your Bio-Energetic Constitution and Identify Personal Health Challenges...

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let me help you find ways to incorporate herbal remedies into your life! Start with just a few herbs and learn about how they can support health...

Worried about Overwhelm?

If you are experiencing a health crisis, be sure to meet with a doctor for necessary medical care. 

We will start simple! Learn about herbs that will match your unique health goals. It can be as simple as a cup of tea...

-Decide what steps to take toward your Healing Journey!


-Recieve an Herbal Tea Blend Sample Created Just for You!

-Learn about Cautionary Herbs & Contraindications

Start Where You Are...

Throughout my own journey toward health, I have grown to understand that healing is a process…and ongoing unfolding that is unique to every individual.

Take the first step on your

healing journey


For Questions or Concerns, email me at descendantbotanicals.com

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