How it Works...

Energetic Assessment-

Together we will define your energetic tendencies. Do you tend to run more Hot or Cold? Dry or Moist? These differences will help me to make recommendations that are right for your personal energetic constitution, and help you find the right remedies for your biotype.

Healing Communication- 1 hour session

One on one communication sessions in person, over the phone or through Zoom, Facetime, etc. We will focus on goal setting, and explore practical solutions that fit your lifestyle, energy levels, and optimal preparation methods for herbal remedies. The second session will be scheduled after I have gathered all of the research I need to help you meet your wellness goals. ​

Wellness Suggestions- 1 hour session

Receive personalized & specific suggestions to support your personal health needs and re-adjust imbalances. May include dietary, lifestyle, exercise, stress reduction, therapeutic botanical recommendations, herbal safety concerns and contraindications. These suggestions are not a replacement for medical care. It is designed to support healing, decrease stress, & promote overall wellness.

Ongoing Support-

Affordable follow up consultations are available for clients who prefer an ongoing support system for their healing journey. This gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate healing strategies, adjust remedies if necessary, and examine if health goals are being met.

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