My Story

My Story… I was lucky enough to be born into the natural way of medicine and a very holistic lifestyle. I grew up an un-vaccinated, anti-antibiotic, plant picking, supplement fed child on 15 acres in the middle of nowhere, with a fruit tree orchard, plentiful garden, and home cooked meals.

Sounds ideal right? Until I hit my teens and started having problems. Fatigue, severe headaches, irritability, joint pain, etc… I was grumpy and tired all the time. My moods were all over the place. I would cry for hours in the shower for apparently no reason. I didn’t know why I was sad, or tired, or achy, or constantly sick to my stomach, I just was.

Fast forward through a few years of suicidal tendencies, addiction, and bi-polar swings, and I finally started to wake up and realize that maybe I didn't have to feel this way.

I began to seek answers. I discovered yoga and meditation which dramatically changed my life. I explored healing with food and nutrition. I became endlessly absorbed in books that promised the answer to all of my problems. While many of my friends spent their early 20’s partying it up, I was seeking nirvana and fasting & cleansing my way to wellness.

I tried every tea, juice, capsule, every food, super food, flower essence, essential oil, tincture tonic, mixture, and probiotic I could get my hands on, that I thought would cure my vague disorders. I detoxed, detoxed, detoxed. With food, fasting, supplements, colonics, whatever it took, I wanted to be well so desperately.