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Our ancestors saved these plants for us…Each one, carefully brought from place to place by OUR ancestors. Saving seeds, gathering roots, harboring cuttings from these useful, tasty, and medicinal plants, bushes, & trees. They are our birthright. They are a part of our origins. It is where we all come from, we’ve just forgotten many of these long lost friends that have traveled with us throughout history.

Ginger and Figs for example, have been carried so long by human hands, that they no longer produce viable seed. These plants (and so many more) were chosen by the ancients, for their intrinsic value. Whether as a food source, as medicine, or more often, both.

This long, symbiotic relationship with humans has resulted in a great resource and possibilities for abundance. Many of these incredibly valuable plants, are often easy to grow and simple to propagate. This means you can take one plant and make it into many plants and so on and so on until the whole world is nourished and fed.

Why should we pay for what we can grow for almost free? Why not have an abundance of food and medicine? We can change our perspectives and our communities from lack to abundance. Plants literally make it possible for us to exist. Why not cultivate the ones we love and some we have never met? Our attempt to heal ourselves could result in healing those around us.

My goals in sharing my love for these plants with the world is inspire every person to grow at least one plant, be it basil or parsley, or something more exotic, but always healing. It will change your health and it will change you. Get to know these plants and their amazing effects on the human body. Feed them to your children. Let them know these plants too.

Why shouldn’t such healing, medicinal substances be available, affordable, and abundant???

As more and more people become enchanted with herbal healing practices, it affects the plant communities on a large scale. The elder herbalists and others, who are entrenched in the herbal lifestyle have been trying to protect some of the plant populations that are being threatened by waves of consumerism. It is exciting to learn how to heal at home with simple roots and powders, but you need to ask yourself, where is this plant matter coming from?

Many herbs gathered from the wild, just can’t rebound from the intensity of harvest quick enough to satisfy the needs of our uses. If we can save the wild plants… we should. Grow your own. Use simpler remedies. Check your labels. Join United Plant Savers. This is especially true if you are an herbalist. If you see any species being over harvested in your area, or if you have an amazing product that depends on wild populations, try growing it!

My mission seems daunting at times, but it is really very simple. Of course I want to inspire others to grow healing, nourishing plants for their personal use and for their communities. I also hope to create an online reference for specific growing practices for a whole array of plants vital to health, as well as provide plants & seeds to my community (the great state of Arizona, and maybe beyond!) In the future, my dream is to operate a medicinal herb farm and create an educational garden for anyone wishing to know more about the healing world of plants! I have a long way to go, but everyone has to start somewhere.

So start your own journey…Grow something!

Mission Statement & Purpose of

-Descendant Botanicals-

-Cultivate & Share Healing Plants (and Fungi)

-Restore Health & Vitality-

-Replenish the Earth-

-Inspire to Grow & Heal-


Rebecca D.

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All information in this blog and on this website is for educational purposes only and in no way replaces medical care. 

Persons with any kind of health condition, including pregnancy should consult with a qualified health care provider before trying any herbal or botanical therapy.

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