The Secret Magical Ingredient

I recently posted a rather long-winded blog about “How to Make Herbal Tea.” This is simply basic instructions on how to prepare a variety of herbal water extracts, but I left the most important part!!!

The Secret Magical Ingredient!

The secret magical ingredient is often there whether we realize it or not. It is free, highly available, simple, yet profound. It is what Wise Women use in their medicines, what the ancient healers across all lands and within all times

The Secret Magical Ingredient of Tea and other herbal preparations is a Purposeful Intention.

By intentionally setting a desired effect or outcome,consciously and with awareness, we have the great possibility of actually affecting the health of our body in a harmonious way. This may sound a bit esoteric, but these “possibilities” are well rooted in scientific experiments in the field of Quantum Physics.

Setting intention for something is a powerful tool. Often our intentions get set on auto-pilot, or aligned with someone else’s needs and wants instead of our own. It can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths before sipping your tea, and sending general feelings of healing and wellness into your cells and tissues. It doesn’t need to be specific, as in “this tea is going to heal this disorder”. A more general approach is fine. We send signals to our body all the time, they just happen to be less beneficial signals of stress, which are all interpreted as various threats to the body’s systems.

In Quantum experiments, they have shown, that the mere observation of a particle will effect and sometimes change the way this particle will present itself.

Candace Pert, a neuroscientist and pharmacologist (often called “The Mother of Physchoneuroimmunology” states “A feeling sparked in your mind will translate as a peptide being released somewhere. Peptides regulate every aspect of your body, from whether you’re going to digest your food properly to whether you’re going to destroy a tumor cell.”

I’m not saying that we can cure cancer with the power of positive thinking, but there are chain effects we can put into motion with our intention, and by tapping into different levels of consciousness.

Taking a few deep breaths, or even just a few moments to yourself can affect the way your body interprets the messages it is being sent. A general “It’s all good” type feeling lets your body know it is able to relax a bit and work on the healing, balancing, and repairing jobs it never has time to do otherwise.


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Persons with any kind of health condition, including pregnancy should consult with a qualified health care provider before trying any herbal or botanical therapy.

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