Mass Market Herbalism (Before You Buy)

If you haven’t noticed, the Herbal Industry is booming. There is an interesting dynamic that is happening, as herbal medicine filters back into the mainstream. It is in part, a healing, back-to-the-land reawakening and part capitalistic opportunity.

On the one hand, herbalists and medicine makers are finally gaining the immense respect and recognition they deserve, but on the other hand, there are complications to providing herbal based products to the mass market.

As large companies step in to provide the next big superfood or exotic and rare herbal supplements, it often devalues the magic between plant and the plant knower, herbalist, gardener, or gatherer. Creating businesses that rely on natural resources can be greatly problematic when there is little or no connection with the land itself.

This lack of connection can lead to unsustainable harvesting practices, possibly taking advantage of local populations that rely on unique medicinal botanicals throughout the world, and ultimately, what tends to be an inferior or sometimes all together ineffective product.

The intricate relationship between the medicine maker and the plant (and fungi) kingdom cannot be replicated. There are some incredible herbal companies out there, big and small, that are dedicated to creating high quality products and also protecting the land and the plants they use.