Hazards of the Natural Product Industry

It can be so difficult, especially when you are ill, to fall victim to the claims of the natural product industry. It can be so enticing, but clever marketing often takes advantage of sick people looking for answers to chronic health issues. They have already been failed by modern medicine, and so, turn to natural therapies out of great desperation for health and healing.

Although I believe Nature to be the deepest, purest, most accessible way of healing, natural product companies & manufacturers do not always have the purest of intentions, nor the purest of products.

I have lived with many chronic health issues for much of my life, it seemed like one issue just grew into another one no matter what I tried. I was desperate for healing. I would have, and did, try anything I thought would help or listen to anyone that I thought had the answers.

I have learned so much through these painful experiences about True Healing and what actually defines health. I learned how to sift through the natural products industry, in which I include physical products, supplements, extracts, etc. as well as books, bloggers, and people who like to deem themselves authority over certain subjects, such as diet, detox, mind-body techniques, "exotic" healing therapies, etc.

I see many holistic practitioners, new on the scene, that get swept up in the excitement of discovering new therapies without enough contextual knowledge to really understand how the body actually functions and the true effects of these methods. I was once in that same mindset, but I learned the hard way that not everything works for everyone.

I certainly don’t know all there is to know, or even as much as I would like to know, but there are a few things I have picked up along the way that I think are helpful for anyone starting or deepening a journey into healing themselves naturally. I hope to help shed some light on certain pitfalls that can hopefully be avoided by those turning toward natural healing, as well as the practitioners out there trying to help these people.

Product Claims